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Forever meeting you where you are at, The Bliss Retreat is an opportunity for a deep reflection, as if the weekend together acts as a giant mirror to show you exactly what you need to see.  Through seeing yourself more fully, more deeply, you have the opportunity to sort out what matters, shake off what doesn't and realign with what's needed.


Whether you are long time spiritual seeker or if you have just started considering the idea of trusting your intuition;


Whether this is your first time considering a personal development retreat or if you've already been to Bliss;


These 4 days will always offer you exactly what you need, regardless of where you are at, or where you are headed. Each individual at Bliss has a unique experience from the rest of the group and all returning participants report having a very different adventure each time, despite the main events of the retreat staying the same.

This is the magic of brave, safe spaces held by heart centered folks.


Hi, I'm Jas, the creator and facilitator of The Bliss Retreat and I'm going to keep it real with you: trying to sell you on the transformation wouldn't even do this experience justice.


Just like during energy healing sessions, I am not going into this weekend with an agenda for your healing.  Which I know can sound a little weird coming from someone who is curating an event, but I do things differently.


Each person who comes to The Bliss Retreat has a deeply personal and intimate experience. 

I know I can offer these uniquely powerful experiences because I have set up Bliss to honor your sovereignty and autonomy.  What that means is that I have created this retreat in a way that caters to you, the individual, while simultaneously putting you in a position to choose and claim what you need, whatever that means for this season of you.

My role at The Bliss Retreat is to create a stage for your self discovery, allowing you to lean in as little or as much as you feel called to.  And whatever transpires from your choice to experience and feel, it is my job to support you with that, offering comfort and any guidance in the way you need.



In this fast paced world where achievements and moving the needle is highly regarded, its become obvious how beneficial it is to take time to disconnect.  The trend of the occasional social media detox highlights how mainstream this concept has become.

But I want to offer you a deeper meaning for disconnecting.

When we are immersed in the environment of our day to day lives, the cycles and patterns easily become habitual and ingrained, contributing to their continuous nature.  When you take an opportunity to step out of that daily routine, and remove yourself completely from the responsibilities of your life, you give yourself a whole whack of space that wasn't accessible before.

With this space comes an opportunity for clarity, for clearing and for deep healing at a physical, mental and spiritual level.


The simple act of going on a proper retreat allows your nervous system to get the rest it needs and come down from it's potentially high strung state.  At Bliss, we do not neglect the physical body and take it's nourishment very seriously.

All meals are made to satisfy and satiate with home cooked wholefoods carefully chosen to support your weekend activities. A lot of love and attention goes into the meals and we hope they inspire you with delicious simplicity. (This is not a vegan/vegetarian retreat but we are happy to cater to that.)

Each morning your physical body will be offered a gentle movement session to set the tone of the day.

On top of this, each healing modality you participate in has a very cathartic component. You will be very much in your body.


The impact The Bliss Retreat has on the mind starts way before our weekend together.  The preparatory document you will receive goes over different patterns of consciousness to be aware of, a guide to solidfying your values and an outline to help you hone your intention for the plant medicine ceremony.  The later being a crucial component from separating a recreational mushroom experience from a sacred grounded ceremony.

A mindset shift in some way, shape or form is inevitable when you come to Bliss.  From the plant medicine ceremony to the human design workshop to the deep reflections throughout the weekend, your experience at Bliss is sure to unlock new neural pathways, insights and awareness.

You deserve to experience this opportunity for mental detox.


The spirit and spiritual health is highly neglected in our Western culture and this is a big reason why The Bliss Retreat exist.  We need more spaces where all of you and your human-ness is able to exist and express. And because we are so deprieved of this, it really is not something that can be fully understood until experienced. 

To be given space and permission for total emotional expression and release, to be seen and heard amogst heart centered community and to meet your self deeply in ways you didn't even know were possible, this is the essence of Bliss.

Your spirituality is as unique as you are. During this weekend you are given ample opportunity to meet this aspect of you and be guided from a place of higher knowing.  Again, you'll get exactly what I mean after you experience The Bliss Retreat. 


​​"Something pulled me towards this weekend of self-exploration. I had a vague idea of what I was looking to find, but looking back I really appreciate how I allowed the experience to work its magic on me without needing to control it. That open-ended intention was exactly what I needed to walk away a changed person after Jas' second Bliss Retreat.


Bliss is special, there's just no other way to say it. The bonds, the conversations, the quiet, the indulgence in comfort... There's a sentiment that strings together the entire experience and that is "all of you is welcome here." Not only did that sentiment serve me while I was exploring my own mind and heart at Bliss, but it's something I brought home with me to keep forever. ALL of myself: worthy, welcome, alive. It was the best thing I did for myself in a long time.  Signing up for Bliss is a gift you give to yourself first, before the ripple effect extends onto the people around you. To everyone who made this experience possible, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bliss is written on my heart in permanent marker."

Laura K - Personal Development Coach


The Bliss 3 group:

Image by David Vig

"Bliss is definitely the best word to describe this retreat. 4 days filled with moments that no other can surmount to. The Bliss retreat is truly a magical creation. I rediscovered myself there, broke free of limiting beliefs, and ignited the magic within me. Surrounded by likeminded souls we dove into vulnerability and created connections that fuel the heart. My time at the retreat was filled with all emotions a human can feel; it was all beautiful and freeing. The safe space that was provided allowed me to experience, share, and show up just as my true self and I had never experienced something so fulfilling. I can’t put into words the amount of love, support, and acceptance I received there. I’m filled with gratitude and love and am looking forward to attending another Bliss Retreat in the future."

Stephanie S. - Yoga Teacher

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The Bliss 4 group:

Relaxing Outdoor

"I signed up for Bliss Retreat not really knowing what I wanted or needed out of the 4 days, but was ready for a deep level of self exploration and open to whatever came up. 


Bliss was the perfect combination of activities, space, connection and exploration for me to have a profound transformation in the months following. Jasmine and her team held space beautifully, creating a safe and inviting environment for healing and growth." 

Sara F. - Personal Development Coach + Author

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The Bliss 5 group:



You arrive at The Bliss Retreat Friday evening.  Filled with anticipation for what the weekend might bring, you enter the location space and are guided to your room.  With a little time to settle in, you make yourself at home before opening circle.

At the opening circle you meet your fellow weekend warriors, this expression taking on a whole new meaning from the get go.  You are encouraged to close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out, releasing any sounds or sighs that feel good.

Everyone relaxes into the space.


You have time to introduce yourself and share your intention for your healing journey this weekend.  Speaking into existence what you came here to do, or not do, and being seen and heard by your new community.  You are ready, already have taken time prior to the trip to hone your intention and get clear on what you want, you speak your truth to the group.

You feel liberated already.

Opening circle closes and you enjoy your first meal with the group.  The smells and flavors of the food excite you and you know you will be well fed this weekend.  A part of your self relaxes into the comforts of being served.  

After dinner you experience your first ceremony, Sananga and Sound ceremony.



The Bliss Retreat is known for its three main events: holotropic breathwork, plant medicine ceremony and OSHO dynamic meditation:

Holotropic breathwork is the appetizer of the weekend. This session is done at Bliss to help clear the body of any stuck energies or emotions before the plant medicine ceremony that evening.  This style of breathwork will make your Wim Hoff Method feel cute.  This practice is an active, rhythmic breathing that facilitates emotional release while allowing you an opportunity to surrender the conscious mind and allowing the bodies wisdom to take over.  It can be a beautifully intense cathartic release.  

Plant medicine ceremony is the main course at bliss. At Bliss, the plant medicine takes a shamanic approach and is very much an individual experience. You are blindfolded for this inwards journey unlike a recreational experience out in nature with friends. There will be tools shared with you to navigate this inner journey and music curated specifically to guide you.  You will be supported by two trip sitters, Jas and Bharat Oza, who will ensure you are supported and comforted every step of the way.  Because of this portion of the retreat, there is a prescreening call needed to ensure your safety.

OSHO dynamic meditation is the dessert at Bliss   This dynamic meditation is done 24 hours after the plant medicine ceremony to help you release and begin to integrate any new knowings.  This is a 4 part dynamic meditation that includes an expression of anger. This type of expression is so powerful when done in a healthy way which most of us are not accustomed to. Allowing yourself to lean into this practice and giving yourself permission to feel fully will alchemize your reality.

Some past participants of The Bliss Retreat have reported that the appetizer and/or the dessert served at bliss was more satisfying than the main course.  These are practices you can take home with you and do anytime you need. 


HUMAN DESIGN - You will learn about this powerful tool and how to use it as a road map to move out of your head and into your body.  Human design shares the science of differentiation.  We are all unique, unfortunately that is not celebrated and supported in modern society, but that doesn't have to stop us from reclaiming our sovereignty and autonomy based on our unique energy type.  After this workshop at Bliss you will have the key components to start experimenting with human design in your day to day life.

SILENT NTEGRATION WORK- noise pollution is a real thing in the modern world and is often simply tolerated by those living in denser areas. The morning after the plant medicine ceremony we take a half day of silence while you integrate the experience from the night before.  Silence is a beautiful medicine we often don't gift ourselves.  Being able to hear your own thoughts in a whole new way while enjoying non verbal communication with community can be very healing.  During this time you will be given integration practices that you can do at your own pace.



SACRED SEXUALITY- On Sunday afternoon we have a guest facilitator arrive for a workshop on sacred sexuality.  This could mean a whole whack of things and this workshop has never been the same at Bliss.  It could be an in depth conversation around vital aspects of our sexuality we were never taught.  It could be breathwork play and tapping into different sensations in the body, observing what feels good.  Regardless of what we do, it is connected to innocence, curiosity and learning.

The Manor- exterior ariel .jpg


You leave Monday late morning.  When you rise you will be greeted with a delicious breakfast before we settle in for closing circle.  

It's a long one, this last sharing circle, as we are all deeply bonded in an ineffable way at this point, allowing each of us to feel open and comfortable to share our heart one last time. 

There is a special practice we do at the closing circle for every Bliss.  A practice that is deeply touching and special.

If you know you know. And once you know, you will not forget.

After closing circle you pack and tidy and head back out into the world, a slightly different version of yourself.  In the drive home and the days to come the integration process will begin.  This is where you take time and mindful action on all you received from your weekend.  You will receive an integration package to support you through this crucial and powerful time.


Without integration it's just a weekend of connection, magic and drugs, which is beautiful.  But its much cooler to integrate your new wisdom and embody all that you now know you are.  

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"I feel like I want everyone I love to experience what I experienced at The Bliss Retreat, seriously.

I've told multiple people so far that they need to go to the next one.  It was nothing like I expected, but it was everything I needed in ways I couldn't even have anticipated.  In the few days since coming home I've already had some very life changing conversations with people I've needed to for YEARS, and I genuinely feel like a new person."

Becca C. - Art Teacher

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only open to past bliss participants


special reunion edition


April 26th - 29th
Sharbot Lake, ON

August 23rd - 27th
(an extra day)
Sharbot Lake, ON

September 27th - 30th
Sharbot Lake, ON

The location for The Bliss Retreat is Lehlewa Lakeside Retreat in Sharbot Lake, Ontario.

About a 1 hour and 45 minute drive from Ottawa and 3 hours from Toronto.

The location and the amenities are breathtaking.  Take a peak here.














"The Bliss retreat was just that, total bliss.  I took the leap, I turned off the auto-pilot and welcomed whatever the weekend would bring me.  My intention was to welcome change and to let go of this idea of keeping total control.  I am so glad I put my trust and vulnerability forward to Jas and her beautiful community.  I am so grateful for bliss - the people I met, the things I let myself feel and the growth I am still processing.  I will be back Bliss!"

Amelie C. - Social worker + Creative


Especially if you are new to the healing potentials of psychedelics, it is extremely normal to feel some fear when it comes to choosing an experience like The Bliss Retreat.  The part of you that is feeling this fear is your conscious thinking mind, your ego.  And I do not mean this in a outwardly gregarious way, as in an egotistical or arrogant being, I mean this in the more natural sense of the word, the part of your psyche that identifies as a separate self.  A healthy ego has the task of protecting you, the human experiencing, and it does this based on what it knows. Sometimes what we know doesn't always serve us.

When it comes to psychedelic experiences, there is a ton of unknowns for the conscious thinking mind so you can see how its fears are valid, nothing wrong or bad here. But here is the thing, that part of us that is screaming with fear, that is the part of us that is temporarily dissolved when we consume these medicines.  Are you ready to give up that super tight grip on control so you can see and experience yourself more fully and whole?


If we understand that we can do hard things, even with the fear present, we start to integrate how courageous and able we really are.  Because your fear is going no where, so you might as well put it in the back seat and take it along for the ride until it gets bored and finds something else to complain about.   



You will be welcomed and supported by heart centered people that are committed to your sovereignty and holding space for your individual experience.  

You are safe to feel it all. Not only will all of your expression be welcomed, it will also be encouraged, and perhaps you will even express in ways you never have before.

This weekend is about the real human experience in all its greatness.


Listen, your thinking mind is beautiful, your intellect, absolutely gorgeous.  But you have forgotten intellect's feminine counterpart, intuition.

Choosing The Bliss Retreat without fully understanding why or what you will get out of it, simply signing up because you feel called and your whole body is screaming 'WE NEED THIS", is a practice in itself of trusting your intuition.  And you can trust it.  I know it feels scary to lean into this divine wisdom of yours, but its there for you to claim, and I know you can feel it.

When we aren't used to trusting in our self and intuition so deeply, making a choice like this can feel all sorts of ways.  The mind has many reason why you should NOT sign up.  Again, hear your minds fear based revolts and choose yourself anyways. 

Image by Marek Piwnicki

"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness."



Let's chat about vulnerability in a group setting real quick!

This is often a concern for folks when considering signing up for The Bliss Retreat, am I going to be to much?

The short answer is: no.

The long answer:

We need your expression.  Not only is your expression going to help you release and heal, it also helps everyone else in the room.

Signing up for this weekend goes far past a credit card charge.  There is an energetic contract that happens and each participant of the weekend has unconsciouly signed it. Whatever happens during your experience together is meant to happen.  It has already been written out.

What this means is that your cry of greif or anger could be permission for someone else.  Your release of fear or screams could be exactly what someone who was experiencing a visual needed; perhaps your scream added to their vision, or perhaps it pulled them out of a scary one.  

When it comes to the emotions and energetics of this container, we just don't fully know, and we do not have to.  We can simply feel and release.

This weekend is all about embracing the forgotten and repressed divine feminine in each and every one of us, and your emotions are a big part of that.













Want to chat about this experience? No problem.

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