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Welcome love.

First let me comment on your bravery for finding yourself on this page.  The willingness to go to our depths and see ourselves more fully is not for everyone, but when it is, deep healing can occur.

In this offering I serve you magic mushrooms and hold space for your experience while guiding you through the process. (This is not legal and I am not a trained psychologist.  Please approach this offering with your own research and discernment.)  

Over the past couple years I have held space for about 100 people as a trip sitter to their psychedelic experience.  In both solo and group experiences, I have witnessed others come out of ceremony and step into life with new perspective, courage and alignment.  If you are looking for something that can offer a massive shift in mindset, view of self and of life, a sacred ceremony might be exactly what you are looking for.


"We signed up as a couple for a Sacred Ceremony and in our first consultation Jas  was supportive and clear in helping us feel prepared for our individual ceremonies while in a shared space together.  Jas beautifully held a safe and comfortable space for healing from beginning to end, including following the ceremony itself.  Sharing the ceremony space as a couple also felt supportive in trying this new purposeful experience and in integrating our learnings in the days following our ceremony. 


Thank you Jas for your loving soul and capacity to hold such a supportive safe space for the us both."

- Shauna + Tyler

Married couple with kids

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The night of your ceremony:

Getting out to Jasmine's home is a serene scenic experience as you drive through the Gatineau Hills on your way to Wakefield.  Getting off the highway you already feel a sense of calm that wasn't available in the city.  You take a few turns to arrive at Jas' home, nestled in the forest.  You are greeted and are lead upstairs to a cozy spaces that smells and feels divine.  You are given time to settle in and make yourself at home while Jas finishes preparing the medicine for you.   

Ceremonies with Jas take a shamanic approach.  After sharing key guidelines for you to navigate your trip and taking time to anchor your final intention into the medicine, you will drink the tea  After drinking, you put on your blindfold and get cozy.  A curated playlist guides your experience while Jas is present, making sure you are safe and have all your needs met.  Jas does not interfere with your experience. This is very much an inwards journey, the blindfold helps support that.


In terms of what you will experience, I can’t answer that 100% as this is a deeply individual experience in so many ways.  Some experience body sensations and new inner awareness' while others experience picture perfect visuals. Some folks relive or remember past lives or early childhood experiences. Some cry deeply, others laugh joyously, most do both. Sometimes it is a calm climb deep into your mind and sometimes it’s an extremely somatic experience without any conscious awareness. Sometimes it’s scary and other times it’s liberating and again, both can be true and usually are. 

After the experience is over which is about 4 hours, you are given a chance to journal and given something to eat. We can chat about your experience as much or as little as you would like and once we are finished, the room is yours and you can go to sleep.  In the morning I'll offer you something small to eat and drink and another chance to chat. Once you feel complete, you will be on your way.


Before the ceremony:


Before the date of your ceremony, you will set some time aside for the preparation needed that is laid out for you in a pdf document sent at booking. 


This is one of the many ways a sacred ceremony differs from a recreational trip.  When you make time for preparation and set proper intentions you are meeting the medicine, letting it know you are ready and this is what you are ready for. This is you doing the work as opposed to simply showing up and expecting to get something from the medicine. For this, you will be sent an extensive preparation document that will aide you in setting intentions, honing values, building self awareness and prepare your physical body and mindset.

Additionally, if you have never worked with Jas before, it is recommended that you have a private energy healing session before the ceremony.  This is recommended for a few reasons. It is important that your consciousness feels safe with Jas before you are served medicine.  For some this can be achieved through a phone chat, but others may benefit from a longer more in depth experience before the ceremony itself. This session will be done in the same room as our ceremony so it is also beneficial to come and spend time there for you mind to know it is safe; even driving out here before the ceremony brings some peace of mind. Also, receiving energy work before a ceremony is great for cleansing and clearing the energy body, a great way to remove a layer before going into your ceremony.

After the ceremony:

After the ceremony, during the integration period, is where the real magic happens. 


This is where you take mindful action on what you now know because of your mushroom trip.  You will be sent integration pdf document that will help guide you through this powerful process. The integration will look different each time but it is essentially about making sense of your trip, highlighting the key messages, deciding on any action steps based on those messages and then finally, and most importantly, taking those action steps.

If we arent integrating our experience, we are just trippin' on drugs, which could be cool but it lacks reverence for yourself and the medicine.

Jas will also support you with a 30 minute integration schedules 10 days after your ceremony.

How to get started:

This process starts with a phone call, you cannot book your ceremony online. 


During this 15-30 minute phone chat we can go over any of your questions and hesitations, go over your intention for this experience and have a chance to go through the prescreening questions to make sure this experience is safe for you.  Once we have that call and all is clear, we will choose the ceremony date and you will be sent all you need to begin preparing.

If we have already worked together and you are ready for another ceremony send me an email or message me on instagram.


"I was hesitant to do a Sacred Ceremony with friends as I am not at ease with not being in charge of my physical and emotional body. But when I found out that Jas was offering the Sacred Ceremony and she would be my trip sitter all the anxiety was lifted immediately. Jas is extremely reliable, comforting and a respectful guide with tons of experience to help you through your trip and more importantly the integration of your learning after the trip. The entire ceremony is beautifully and thoughtfully prepared with pre-session email containing the preparation steps before the ceremony, meditation and intention setting on the day of the ceremony and post-ceremony email with steps and tips for integration. I have had  3 Sacred Ceremonies with Jas and although we didn’t consciously interact during my trips, I felt her presence and guidance very strongly."

- Zuzana G.

Organic Chemist

How can Psilocybin help you?:


Magic mushrooms are having a rebirth


After a 50 year hiatus from research and experimentation due to the war on drugs, psilocybin and other psychedelics are making a comeback.  Did you know that we wouldn't have antidepressants today if it wasn't for LSD? Yup.


Psilocybin has been successful shown to promote neurogenesis and neuroplasticity in the brain.  Being able to ingest something that grows from the earth and experience the birth of new brain cells and new neural connections in the brain has endless benefits.  

The stigma on drugs and psychedelics is REAL but that isn't stopping their powerful and promising benefits from being experienced by a lot of us today. In early 2021 Jas took an online certification course titled Understanding Psilocybin: Effects, Neurobiology, and Therapeutic Approaches. If you are curious in learning more, here is a link to a page from the same website that online certification is offered.  This page is a condensed version of the course with a couple of YouTube videos that offer a great summary.


The sacred ceremony offering includes a discovery call with prescreening process, a preparation support package, access to Jas during preparation period, overnight ceremony experience including the medicine, accommodations and light snacks, an integration support package and a integration video call.



"I was very nervous about participating in a Sacred Ceremony but I knew it would be a catalyst for my healing journey. Before the ceremony, Jas provided information on how to prepare which helped ease my mind. The day of the ceremony she ensured that I was grounded before we began which was super helpful. She set a beautiful container for the experience and I felt so held throughout.  The experience allowed me to look at my inner landscape without the overlay of anxiety and critical thoughts.  After the ceremony was complete, we discussed the experience and she sent me home with integration practices. These practices were super helpful given that it is easy to slip back into habitual patterns without proper integration. "

- Valerie G.

Production Coordinator and Development Officer 

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