Plant medicines are a large part of Jasmine's personal and professional practice.  In 2018 Jasmine experienced her first ayahuasca ceremony, a major introduction to plant medicines and psychedelics.  Since then, Jasmine has worked with cannabis, psilocybin, kambo (animal medicine), sananga and rapé as part of her personal healing practice.  To support others with plant medicines, Jasmine has worked alongside shamanic mentors and taken certifications through https://psychedelic.support/education/

Jasmine started serving psilocybin, sananga and rapé in 2021 in a one on one setting, to small groups and large groups at The Bliss Retreat alongside mentor Bharat Oza.  Jasmine's ceremonies are grounded, safe and offer an opportunity for deep inner work + healing

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"We signed up as a couple for a Sacred Ceremony and in our first consulation with Jas she was supportive and clear in helping us feel prepared for our individual ceremonies while in a shared space together.  Jas beautifully held a safe and comfortable space for healing from beginning to end, including following the ceremony itself.  Sharing the ceremony space as a couple also felt supportive in trying this new purposeful experience and in integrating our learnings in the days following our ceremony. 


Thank you Jas for your loving soul and capacity to hold such a supportive safe space for the us both."

- Shauna + Tyler

Married couple with kids

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What happens during a ceremony:

Ceremonies with Jas take a shamanic approach.  After you arrive to Jas' home you will be put  through a grounding meditation and given an opportunity to connect to your intention.  Once clear and ready, Jas will guide you to connect with the medicine and infuse it with your intention.  After drinking, you put on your blindfold and get cozy.  A curated playlist guides your experience while Jas is present, making sure you are safe and have all your needs are met, but does not interfere in your experience. This is very much an inwards experience.   After the experience, you are given a chance to journal and given a small vegan meal.  Another meal is provided for you in the morning before you have a chance to discuss and share your experience with Jas and/or the small group before making your way back home.

How to book

1. email Jasmine at connect@healwithjas.com or book a discovery call

2. once I know that the ceremony is safe for you and there are no contraindications, we would choose a time that works best, usually Friday evenings but there are other options.

3. If you are a new client, you will have an energy work session with Jas before the ceremony. 

You can go ahead an book that in here in you want to get the process started. 


$555 + tax

Included in Sacred Ceremony:

Preparation PDF

2 private healing sessions (one before and one after ceremony)

Plant medicine ceremony (with rapé or sananga (optional) + psilocybin)

2 small meals (after ceremony and in the morning)

Integration PDF (includes resources and integration exercises)

Ceremony playlist

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"I was hesitant to do a Sacred Ceremony with friends as I am not at ease with not being in charge of my physical and emotional body. But when I found out that Jas was offering the Sacred Ceremony and she would be my trip sitter all the anxiety was lifted immediately. Jas is extremely reliable, comforting and a respectful guide with tons of experience to help you through your trip and more importantly the integration of your learning after the trip. The entire ceremony is beautifully and thoughtfully prepared with pre-session email containing the preparation steps before the ceremony, meditation and intention setting on the day of the ceremony and post-ceremony email with steps and tips for integration. I have had  3 Sacred Ceremonies with Jas and although we didn’t consciously interact during my trips, I felt her presence and guidance very strongly."

- Zuzana G.

Organic Chemist

How can Psilocybin help you?:

Magic mushrooms are making a comeback.  After a 50 year hiatus from research and experimentation due to the war on drugs, psilocybin and other psychedelics are making a comeback.  Did you know that we wouldn't have antidepressants today if it wasn't for LSD? Yup.

The stigma on drugs and psychedelics is REAL but that isn't stopping their powerful and promising benefits from being experienced by a lot of us today. In early 2021 Jas took an online certification course titled Understanding Psilocybin: Effects, Neurobiology, and Therapeutic Approaches. If you are curious in learning more, here is a link to a page from the same website that online certification is offered.  This page is a condensed version of the course with a couple of YouTube videos that offer a great summary.

What is Rapé:

Rapé is an amazonian snuff that varies in benefits and ingredients.  Each rapé is made by a specific tribe in South America based off of ethnobotany (the study of a region's plants and their practical uses through the traditional knowledge of a local culture and people).  While all rapé's have a grounding effect and can clear sinuses and headaches very effectively, they all vary in their subtle and energetic properties.  Their are some rapé's for opening your heart or third eye while there or others for connecting with your divine feminine or masculine or mother earth.  

This plant medicine is a practice in discomfort, like anything from the Amazon.  Its method of administration is up the nostril and at first can feel intense.  The intensity subsides as you sit with the medicine in meditation during which new awareness can come through. A common result of using rapé is a feel of courage, a knowing that one can do what they need to do.


Rapé is an optional part of the sacred ceremonies. 

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"I was very nervous about participating in a Sacred Ceremony but I knew it would be a catalyst for my healing journey. Before the ceremony, Jas provided information on how to prepare which helped ease my mind. The day of the ceremony she ensured that I was grounded before we began which was super helpful. She set a beautiful container for the experience and I felt so held throughout.  The experience allowed me to look at my inner landscape without the overlay of anxiety and critical thoughts.  After the ceremony was complete, we discussed the experience and she sent me home with integration practices. These practices were super helpful given that it is easy to slip back into habitual patterns without proper integration. "

- Valerie G.

Production Coordinator and Development Officer