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Community Heart Journeys

Community Heart Journeys

Welcome ♡


75 minute virtual session

Next session: May 9th 8pm EST

The Inner Ciritic


This virtual offering was designed to bring together community in the coziness of your own home while you journey into quantum space and enter your own heart's temple to meet, connect and communicate with differents parts of you.


The methods offered in this space allow you to have access to your subtle energy body, giving you an opportunity to receive information from different aspects of you.  


Jas is a meditation teacher, energy healer and intuitive guide that has developed a skill for guided visualizations and bringing you deep into your inner landscape.

This practice is beginner friendly. 


You don't have to have a meditation practice or be clairvoyant to benefit from this practice. 


While some folks see a lot during guided visualizations, Jas encourage's and prompts those who don't "see" to notice the other clairsenses throughout the journey.  What do you feel, know, hear, see, smell and taste?


How it works:
Each journey will begin with an introduction, bringing you more into a theta-brain wave state while guiding you to your unique inner lanscape. 


Once in a more relaxed state, the main portion of our journey will take place where you will be guided into yuor heartspace in a unique way.  Once insid, you will call upon and interact with different parts of you (next up: the inner critic). 


To conclude, you will be guided to exit the quantum space you entered and back into your body fully.  Grounding you slowly back into your space and reality. 


You will be given some time to fully come back, make any quick notes in your journal before we conclude with a community sharing circle, where the sharing is optional and encouraged.


Other support you'll:

You will be supported with Preparation Musings upon purchasing your ticket for this journey.  A link will be sent to your email to download a document that includes how to prepare the days beforehand as well as what you need the night of and how to set up your space.

Afterwards you will be sent Integration Musings with journal prompts, suggestions on how to make sense of what came up for you and how to integrate any new awareness.  You will also be sent the recording of the session so you can go through the journey again, after integrating what you need to, meeting that same part again.  This is a powerful practice where you continue to connect and strethen that inner relationship.  


Next Journey: May 9th 8pm

The Inner Criic


If you have any questions please email Jas at



"I always enter Jas' space feeling nurtured and cozy from the get-go. My experiences have always left me wide open - coming back home to myself, willing and feeling brave enough to keep going, adjust or release what needs to be. Guided Visualization's, in a way, was also an appetizer for me. It's because of them that I was then ready to dive deeper into plant medicines. Jas is such a compassionate &  nurturing space holder, and I always appreciate how they communicate and have a very honest approach to healing."


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