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The word healing can feel connected to illness or weakness but I assure you,

You are not broken. 

Healing is about coming back to your authentic self, stripping away all the aspects of you that aren't in alignment, that aren't your truth.

Healing occurs when you take time and space for your self and emotions in a way that you can observe and reflect, as opposed to getting caught up in the story and reacting to circumstances.

We can acheive this process in two ways:


1.  Meditation: let me heal myself


2. Energy healing: help me heal myself


The goal for both these practices is to access a state of awareness and contemplation by relaxing the nervous system by increasing theta brain wave frequencies. 

Since a facilitator is present during an energy healing session it is considered a gentler approach, adding comfort and support to self discovery and realization.


Those who struggle with turning off the chattering mind will find much benefit and progress with the addition of a facilitator.


Although these tools can have powerful effects on your physical health and wellbeing, meditaton and energy healing is less about focusing on what is wrong with you and more about discovering your true essence and the gifts that come with that.

Healing is about coming back to your authentic self, stripping away all the aspects of you that aren't in alignment, that aren't your truth. 

Sometimes this is easier said than done because your habits and behaviours have been with you for so long they seem like the only option.


As you go through the process of removing the things from your life that seem to cause you more stress than joy, you start to rediscover who you truly are and what you truly value. 


This brings new reflections and oportunites for growth into your awareness.


Healing is always an on going process. Just like working out or owning a buiness or raising a family.  There rarely is a point of completion for these types of things and thats what make them so beautiful.

Healing is a way to adjust and create your own reality at any point in your life.


When you come in for your healing session, it is ultimately up to you how the session will look.

You can choose and sit and have an in depth conversation with Jasmine.

Or, y​ou can choose to stick to the basics, she will prompt you.

Or, you can choose to keep everything to yourself. 


Its the power of our intention that matters most.

This could be an intention in any of the following areas and not limited to just what is on this list:

- releasing from heavy or blocked emotions

- insight and clairty on something specific

- insight and clarity on your life path 

-releasing from limiting belifs

- connecting with your spirit guides/higher self/etc.

- discovering the root cause of ongoing issues

- reducing pain and tension in the physical body

- discovering the energetic reasons behind issues and illnesses

- activating and energizing energy centres 

While lying comfortable on a massage table, Jasmine works intuitively, incorporating:

gentle healing touch ▪ reiki ▪ access bars ▪ integrated energy therapy ▪ sound ▪ crystals ▪ earth medicines ▪ essential oils


Everyone perceives energy differently and no experience is similar to the previous.

Those who receive the most benefit from Energy Healing are the ones who come open to the experience and ready to receive. 

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