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so happy to see you've landed on this page! if you aren't new here I have made it easy for you and put the booking link right at the top here.  if you are new, scroll down for more info before booking in!

"Nothing gets you in your body quicker than a session with Jas! She has such a grounding presence and a unique ability to hold space. She is phenomenal at channeling messages from the body where energetic blockages live. I love how she can so easily oscillate between deep compassion and tough love to set you on the right path. She is a very empowering healer, always reminding clients that they are sovereign beings."

- Valerie G.

Production Coordinator


You wouldn't have landed on this page if you didn't understand the value and transformation available when you do the inner work.

​But let's be honest, even though you are willing and determined, the inner work can be one of the hardest challenges you face in life.


An energy healing session can help.


During a session together we would start with your intentions, talking briefly about what is alive for you and what are you wanting to look at during our time together.  Once we get clear on your intentions we move you onto the table where the energy work begins. 

Jasmine uses an intuitive approach and does not plan for your time together.  Whatever is alive at the session, Jasmine feels into which of the modalities (explained below) would be best suited for the session.

Like a massage for your soul, gentle hand placements, different sounds and earth medicines help move, release or transmute energy and emotions within your physical tissues and energetic centers. 


Sometimes you leave feeling light and full of energy while other times you may leave feeling grounded and in need of a nap. Whatever it is you are needing, Jasmine is a channel and conduit that will allow exactly that to flow.


You may not get what you want but you always get what you need

"I have so much love for Jas. A powerful human with an energy that is captivating and freeing. Jas continuously reminds me that who I am is welcome and allowed. Providing a safe space to release as needed while feeling seen, heard, and supported. She accepts me in my chaos and motivates me in my growth. One of the best decisions I’ve made on my healing journey is working with Jas. Allowing their energy to touch your soul is a true blessing." 

- Stephanie S.

Aspiring Yoga Teacher

healing modalities explained

Jasmine works intuitively, meaning they do not plan for the session, they feel into what is needed at the beginning of the session and during, oftentimes moving in ways that are unique to the session.  Jasmine has the follow certifications for healing:

Reiki can be more effective with physical issues, such as illness, pain, stress, tension, weight loss, et
Reiki therapy is based on an Eastern belief that vital energy flows through your body. The idea is that a Reiki practitioner uses gentle touch to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balance and healing. 

Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy

IET is more useful to deal with emotional issues, limiting and negative beliefs, and past traumas.
IET is a mind-body-spirit practice that combines energy channeling and specific pressure points where emotions and beliefs are stored.  The energy of Integrated Energy Therapy can be described as soft, deep, and spacious. It is safe and gentle, and it helps to release limiting energy and patterns, integrate positive energies, and instill balance.

Access Bars Consciousness
Access Bars can feel like hitting the delete button on your computer’s cluttered hard drive
Access Bars are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that stop you from creating a life you love.  Each point represents different aspects of life such as the body, money, sexuality, healing, joy, sadness, etc and the modality works by releasing the limiting beliefs you have around those aspects.

Jasmine also works heavily with light language + channeling, earth medicines including aromatherapy + crystals, and sound.

Whatever needs to flow.

"Working with Jas has helped me grow and improve my mental health way more than traditional talk therapy has.  Therapy was helpful but I know that I could never get to this level of growth from Western medicine. Jas helped me find the power within to heal instead of searching for answers externally"

- Kateland S.

Senior administrative assistant


Every happy + successful person out there will tell you two things:

1.  Investing in yourself is always worthwhile.

2.  Every person needs a mentor, or four.


You have been there for others, supporting their hopes + dreams.

Its your turn to thrive.

I always leave my sessions with Jasmine feeling more open, more at home in my body, and more confident in my ability to govern myself. Her presence is warm yet strong, and it feels so safe to be myself when I’m with her. I know I can tell her anything and be received with love, compassion and acceptance.

My favorite part of our sessions is getting to answer the powerful questions she asks me that bring me to deeper understanding and awareness of myself"

- Marissa M



Girl Relaxing


We are way more than just a physical body.  Together, we will explore tools to introduce you to your energetic body.  Through this you will gain clear understanding on how to care for yourself in a way you didn't know you were craving

The Leap


You know you are killing it, but there are a couple things getting in the way.  We will tackle any blocks you have on a mental, emotional or energetic level. We will practice tools to release and overcome anything that is no longer serving you.



What do you really want?

How do you want your life to look like, lets unlock those closed doors!

When you become intentional you cultivate the ability to fully align with your heart + soul. This matters if we want to stop living in fear.

Image by Almos Bechtold


Anything is possible when you learn to tap into the energy of your life.  This is where you get to call in and create your dream world.   I will be there to keep you accountable, cheer you on, and provide you with all the tools you need to make this dream a reality


↠ A safe + sacred space that allows your to explore new concepts + ideas

↠ A non-judgmental approach with a strong sense of tough love

↠ A space for those who are ready to evolve + expand

↠ An alternative approach to health + wellbeing that includes all aspects of you

↠ An opportunity to explore, play and get to know your divine self

↠ A spiritual + intuitive approach that evolves as you do


↠ A place to honour and perpetuate your suffering

↠ A critical space that forces growth + change.

 ↠ A traditional talk therapy session, (you are not broken + I will not fix you)

↠ A opportunity to fuel self hate, judgments and limiting beleifs

↠ A fixed path or protocol to health + happiness, as this doesn't exist

"I didn’t really know what to expect going into energy healing but trying something different that helped me heal my soul was something I knew I needed. Just being in Jas’ presence is calming, and her sessions are releasing, relaxing and thought provoking.  They’ve helped me know where to start and which questions to ask myself when I feel stuck in my personal development. I’ve learned more about myself and my needs outside of societal expectations, which I couldn’t have done solely on my own.  I truly look forward to our future sessions and the work to come as I grow into my own potential"

- Caylie C.

Veterinary technician

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