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that inner dance

Let’s go a layer deeper:

Last week we chatted about intentions and I shared you with my main reccos for setting intentions.

Being clear on your values.

Taking personal responsibility.

Consulting a trusted mirror.

Claiming what you want (within capacity).

After I sent last week's email I had more downloads come in around this topic and how important it is to talk about this work from a masculine energy and feminine energy perspective.

Yes, you have both, this shouldn't be news to anyone at this point.

And both are needed in the healing process, just differently.

In case we need a reminder of what is masculine energy and what is feminine energy, here a quick recap:

These qualities show up in each of us differently and uniquely.

It is the balance and blend of both that allows us access to our sense of wholeness.

It is common in our society to find ourselves ignoring parts of our feminine or spending way too much time operating in our masculine.

The process of healing and moving away from the conditions of the fear based mind and back to the body can be a way you ultimately harmonize your masculine and feminine energy.

Or, look at it the other way around. Through harmonizing your feminine and masculine energies, you begin the process of healing and start to move away from the conditions of the fear based mind.

So what does it mean to harmonize your masculine and feminine energy?

Let’s discuss it through the lens of the intention setting tips from last week:


The concept of knowing your values is no doubt important and you do want to check in with your intentions when entering a healing practice to make sure it is grounded in your values.

And also,

When you are in healing practices, when you are receiving energy work or partaking in a mushroom ceremony, you are in your feminine. Regardless how you identify (man, woman, nonbinary), this is true.

[In this space, you are passive and receiving and the values are less of a concern.]

Where values REALLY come in handy is during the integration of your mystical experiences, in the days, weeks and months after the session.

This is when you need to be more conscious of your values (especially when your true values are very different then the ones you’ve been operating from).

Are you truly operating in integrity with your values as you navigate your life and the integration of a new you?

If not, how can you start?

This is healing through your masculine.


This could be our darkness, what you resist or what makes you deeply emotional.

Or it could be your big bright light you are so afraid of.

Regardless, it's about allowing these things to be, surrendering to their expression and experiencing vulnerability, healing and deep self love by merely seeing and hearing these tender parts of you.

When we come out of those experiences, it is your masculine that must take action on the integration process.

You must find strength to have that hard conversation with a loved one.

You must make space for you to grieve, or express whatever emotion is real.

You must commit to the rituals and structure that allow you to safely flow.

CLAIMING WHAT YOU WANT I had mentioned last week that when we set an intention, we have to put it on a cloud and let it float away. And to some extent that is true. You cannot force your healing. Read that last statement again. You don’t get to decide how many layers there are to your wounds and I know it sucks when you feel like you have learned a lesson but a thicker version of it comes and slaps you across the face. Some of us are healing old generational trauma. The process and its unfolding is never going to make complete sense. Is it possible to come to terms with that? Now on the flip side, during the day to day, when you are more in your masculine, going about your life, personal responsibility is in your choice and conscious awareness. Where are you focusing your time and why? Committing to holding space for new versions of you to show up and to follow through with the actions that will allow you to align with your true values (and ultimately desire, pleasure and joy), this is not an easy task. You will need your strength. Your integrity. Your conscious action. These are the parts that make up your masculine energy and you may need to recruit him.


So you see it’s a dance.

And I truly believe that each one of us is not only doing a different dance, but we are doing it to different songs and we are focusing on different dance moves.

No one else knows your style of dance and what song you are listening to.

I invite you to get curious about the qualities of both aspects (refer to the lists above) and how they show up in you.

Both these energies already exist within.

As always, I am a message away if you need a space to start exploring this deeper parts inside you.

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