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So glad you have found yourself on this page!

dark spaces is a community healing space that shares different modalities and plant medicines to allow you access to your depths and density.


Why would you want to do that?

In an industry that has confused itself with love and light above anything else, it seems we have forgotten the beauty in our darkness and the vast opportunity of healing that exist their


We travel there, together, because we understand the sacredness of these aspects of ourselves (the heavy emotions, the shadows, the triggers) and how necessary it is to see them and hear them in order to feel and embody a sense of wholeness, worthiness and value in self.


In claiming the brave space that dark spaces offers, you give yourself a space to descend into self and gain access to a deeper sense of wholeness from within.


Dark spaces is for alchemy within community.


Feel called? show up.

Need more info? keep scrolling.


Dark spaces has 4 different experiences, each one serving a different healing tool or modality for your healing.  Each experience is profound in itself and should be approached as a practice, rather than a one time affair.  With healing, it is with the building of the relationship to our chosen practices that allows for expansion and raise in conscious awareness to occur.


Here is the menu:


OSHO Dynamic Meditation 

This hour long meditation is not your typical meditation, expect to feel like you got a workout in and dress accordingly. You will be guided every step of the way through this 4 part dynamic meditation that moves through different expressions and practices for release, including a portion of communal rage expression. There is an introduction part that helps activate your throat and body before moving into the anger and rage portion.  Afterwards, you are guided through two more phases that are designed to help regulate your nervous system, reducing chances for re-traumatization for those that have had a negative history with this human emotion. 


Blindfolds are mandatory for this experience. Blindfolded within community promotes an inwards experience while being within the group.


Expect to feel alive, free and light afterwards. This offering can bring on a big cathartic release.

Holotropic Breathwork

A beautiful practice, one that we do at Bliss to prepare for our plant medicine ceremony. This dynamic breathing is a powerful self healing tool that can excavate deep emotions and stuck energies.  This practice will allow you to feel grounded in your own body, call your power back fully and release whatever is getting in the way of you showing up in full love and acceptance.

Another practice that offers a cathartic release.  Holotropic breathwork also has the ability to invoke psychedelic experiences. If we have never done this practice with Jas you will receive a prescreening form after you sign up to make sure it is safe for you.

Expect that each breathwork session you do will be different and come with a curious mind.

Shadow Work

In this session you will dive into your shadow self, all the parts of you that your ego wants to deny or forget in order to fit in or to be loved.


During our time together we will have a brief discussion of what the shadow is and how we hide from it, with the opportunity to ask questions and self reflect. You will be guided through an activity that allows you to embody your shadow and figure out what parts of it you are still resisting with intention of softening those parts. The activities chosen for this experience will always be different, with the theme of the shadow always obvious.


To finish our time together, you will be guided into yourself to meet your shadow self and to see, feel or hear any messages your shadow has for you. The guided visualization will also vary each time.


We will finished the same way we finish every dark spaces, with a sharing circle to hear and see each brave soul who showed up.

Non-Psychedelic Plant Medicine

I will be joined by the masculine in this dark spaces experience. My partner Michael will assist me in serving you the non-psychedelic plant medicine in this experience.


First you will be served Sananga, a scared medicine from the Amazon, and offered a meditation to connect you to the earth below and the sky above. Second, my partner Michael will serve you Hapeh, another sacred medicine from the Amazon. Michael has been working closely with this medicine in his own practice and I am so excited for him to join me for this special dark spaces.


Both these medicines offer you a practice with discomfort. They are not easeful. But afterward it is very common to feel a sense of ease, a grounded-ness in oneself. The medinces we will serve you have been gifted to us or purchased from Four Vision Market, who do an incredible job at honouing and compensating the Indigenous communities where these medicines are source.


Jan 12th - shadow work

Jan 26th - non-psychedelic plant medicine
Feb 9th - OSHO dynamic meditation

Feb 23rd - holotropic breathwork

Mar 8th - shadow work

Mar 22nd - non-psychedelic plant medicine

want to come to 3 or more? 

 please use one-time code DARKNESS for $25 off. Multiple sign ups aren't possible, technology capabilities are limited for this one human show. You will have to book one by one and apply the coupon code to one purchase.


A 90 minute in person experience in Jas' home in Wakefield, QC

An opportunity for healing within a safe and supportive container

Access to a community of brave souls showing up to do the work together 

Brief sharing circles to start and finish our time together

Opportunities for reflection and journaling in each session


A cozy, candlelit atmosphere with local, homemade teas being served

A trauma-informed facilitator 





Self healers, cycle breakers, and sensitive/intuitive folks who are own a journey of self discovery or looking to start one. Dark spaces is for those wanting an approach that cuts through the fluff and bullshit, giving access to the core and roots of our wounds and trauma so we can give them what they need to truly heal and not continue to unconsciously dictate our lives.


Yes. All offerings at dark spaces have to capacity to meet you where you are at. The term beginners and healing journey should not exist.  Where ever you are at is perfect. 


You will be sent a preparation email with these details before your experience. It depends on what's on the menu that evening and what time of year it is! Mostly, light, comfortable and layered clothing.


Again, you will be informed before hand of anything unique for that particular session.  The list looks something like this:

  • a yoga mat

  • pillow(s)

  • blindfold

  • a mug for tea 

  • water bottle

  • a journal + pen

  • anything else you like to include in your healings or ceremonies


Yes. Even the non-psychedelic plant medicine experience, you will be ready and available to drive home safely.



Like any healing experience, the days leading up to it, it can be helpful to bring more mindfulness into your day to day, reduce consuming media and increase water intake.  It can also be helpful to pay attention to what you are putting in your body and make sure you are spending time each day to move it. 

There will be more information given in the email you receive ahead of time.


Cost for one experience is $55 plus tax.  If you want to come to 3 or more, please use one-time code DARKNESS for $25 off. Multiple sign ups aren't possible, technology capabilities are limited for this one human show. You will have to book one by one and apply the coupon code to one purchase.


You can click here to sign up! Once you have registered, you're in! You will be sent an email the week of your selected date with more information and how to prepare. Can't wait to see you!

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