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If you crave connection, real conversations and opportunities to be authentic the Sacred Sister Circle will feel like home.  

This is an intimate gathering for women of all ages to come together, in a safe + gentle space.

The Sacred Sister Circle was designed to give you an opportunity to connect with yourself + other women for the purpose of sharing, releasing + healing.  By showing up for yourself and your sisters, you practice self acceptance and cultivate self compassion.  

The topics we explore are deep + can expand your consciousness.

The journal prompts allow you to integrate + self discovery.

The circle invites sharing, release + heart centered connection.

The meditation promotes healing, renewal + manifestation.

Inside the heart of each female lies a desire to be with her sisters, to connect deeply and to share her highest joys, biggest struggles and her deepest dreams.

This circle is held monthly in conjunction to the full moon.


Why the full moon? The full moon brings the energy of release, therefore it is a perfect time to dive deep into what is truly holding you back so you can let go of what no longer serves!  Each full moon brings a different energy depending on which zodiac it falls in.  Jasmine ties these energies into the session and aligns the practice for your highest good + highest healing.

Monthly Themes:

MAY: Higher Self Integration

JUNE: Manifest Your Dreams

JULY: Choosing Love Over Fear

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Conscious conversation around feelings as important messengers for our personal development 
+ growth.  Learning and sharing how experiencing our feelings can shift our relationship with ourselves and ultimately our life.

Education, empowment + empathy is the goal


Journal prompts are offered to ignite insight + clarity around how you can embody your most heart centric self.  The neuroscience is there, when you make journalling a staple in our practice, it can shift your mindset.  This inner shift is only naturally reflected back to you as you expand.


Give yourself the gift of healing + allow yourslef to sink into the powerful practice of meditation.  When you first start out, meditation can be grueling.  The group dynamic has the power to shift that energy, providing a sense of accountability + support that you lack in a solo pracice.


Share with others by simply being present or choose to express your story + experience with the group.  This circle is all about allowing yourself to connect to yourself + others in a new way that can be both exciting and intimidating. 



Since 2012 Jasmine has been assisting others in living a life that is in alignment with their heart and soul.

She does this with energy healing, meditation and intuitive coaching.

Jasmine believes that true happiness and inner peace can occur when we honor who we are and learn how to love ourselves unconditionally.  This looks different for everyone and learning what it looks like for you is all part of the journey.

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