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With any promising new item that comes into the "health and wellness industry" the idea of magic muhrooms as a tool for healing has been top of mind amongst science research, mental health advocates and OG psychonauts for sometime now.  

While I am all for the movement of magic mushrooms into the mainstream, that progression comes with its own set of shadows. 


Some things that I have noticed is:


  • clinical research and facilitation taking a "go big or go home approach," serving someone 5-7grams their first time, insisting that this is what will move the needle on an individuals healing.  This has become a standard practice.


  • mainstream facilitators too focused on outcome, rather than process and building relationship, continuing to perpetuate colonialistic views and dishonouring Indigenious ways


  • approaching a ceremony with the belief that something outside of you is going to heal you or solve your problems or take away your suffering.


The Gentle Approach desires to counteract this colonial approach by offering you a space that allows you to build relationship with this sacred medicine in a slow and mindful way.


During The Gentle Approach, you will be guided on how to prepare and integrate your experience with this medicine, served a low macrodose of magic mushroom and be provided a safe community container in nature. 


The Gentle Approach desires to cater to those that are intrigued, feeling the call to do with this medicine, but also feel a lot of fear and hesitation.


This offering is for you if:

  • you are curious about magic mushrooms as a healing tool
  • you have done your own research and ready to begin your relationship with this medicine, spirit and consciousness
  • you want to start slow
  • you are nervous about having a psychedel!c experience and have anxiety around experiencing magic mushrooms
  • you want feel good about taking a lower dose to get to know the magic mushrooms




Date: June 29th - June 30th

Location: Jas's home in Wakefield, QC

Investment: $444 + tax


What you will receive:

  • prescreening call
  • preparation package
  • virtual group preparation call before ceremony
  • safe and supported magic mushroom ceremony
  • integration package
  • virtual group integrstion call 2 weeks after event
  • community
  • post ceremony snack and breakfast
  • overnight stay


Limited to 5 poeple max


If you have any questions or want to hop on a quick call to ee if this offering is right for you, message Jas on Instragram send an email to


If you would like to work with this medicine in a private setting, email


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