The Rise Up Retreat

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

November 29th - December 1st

Get to the depths of yourself so you can meet your higher self. This weekend is your ultimate soul-care excursion, giving you an opportunity to say yes to you and gift yourself with self love, personal growth, community and support.

Do you feel fully in control of your life? Are you ready to start taking control and create your own reality? Can you imagine if you truly stepped into the life you have been dreaming about?

The Rise Up Retreat has been designed to help you fully embody your highest, most incredible self. Join Jasmine Moore and Amber Smith on this rare transformational experience as we head up to Gaia Wellness Retreat Centre in Wakefield, Quebec for a 3 day, 2 night getaway into nature and comfort.

This weekend is your ultimate soul-care excursion, as we prepare to head into the holidays. Life can get hectic and it’s easy for us to forget to take time for ourselves. Jasmine and Amber created this retreat with this in mind, giving you an opportunity to say yes to you and gift yourself with self love, personal growth, community and support.

What to expect

Morning yoga sessions - Wake up and prepare for your day of introspection with some gentle morning movement, warming and balancing the body. When we move mindfully and with intention, we can promote health and wellbeing in our own bodies and enjoy how they feel.

Meditation - All levels and types of meditators are welcome. We will be meditating together at various times throughout the weekend. Whether you have a daily practice or you are just starting out, we will guide you appropriately to ensure you are comfortable and know what to do.

Self awareness workshops – Stepping away from our day-to-day life gives us an opportunity to get perspective and go within. In order to see and appreciate our light, we must look at our darkness. This doesn't have to be intense our scary; it can be filled with acceptance, compassion and love. We have designed workshops that will help you consider and understand your shadow and your light in a gentle, easy and supportive way. You will be empowered to release old patterns and embody your authentic, highest self.

Energy Healing - All participants will have a one on one energy healing session with Jasmine or sound healing with Amber. Energy healing describes methods of alternative healing that uses our bodies’ energy fields to promote wellbeing. This type of healing can help you understand your patterns better and allows you to dive deep into what ignites your being. Like a massage for your soul, energy healing can be used to let go of grief, sadness, guilt or other emotional blockages so that life can be lived with more joy and ease.

Sound Bath - Sound is a powerful way to work with the body and energy field. Different instruments, harmonies, tones and rhythms help the body and mind relax while specific wavelengths resonate, entrain and help move energy. Immerse your body in a healing soundscape and learn why so many people are seeking out this experience for healing and transformation.

Accommodations - Gaia Wellness Retreat centre in Wakefield, Quebec is a beautiful retreat house in nature. Situated on a semi-private lake, think luxury meets rustic for this fully equipped retreat house with comfortable group spaces, a full yoga studio and even a sauna.

70 acres are yours to explore! A mixture of new and old growth forest surround you as you walk in breathtaking silence; you can almost hear your heartbeat.

Organic Meals - All meals are Ovo- Lacto Vegetarian and we are more than happy to accommodate any other dietary restrictions such as vegan or gluten free.

Take home tools - Over the weekend, we will provide an assortment of tools and techniques you can use at home any time you need to re-align and re-connect.

Connection & Community - When we come together in retreat, amazing connections and community always seem to form. We want to continue to building on what we create over this weekend with a private online community, so we can stay connected and share our personal growth along the way

If you want more information please feel free to email Jasmine to ask question or book a free call

If you are ready to register and gift yourself this beautiful experience, click here

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