The Deep Release

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

November 2nd 8:00 am

Gift yourself this session for the ultimate relax and release. We will be combining restorative and yin yoga poses with energy healing and sound healing. Float out of this class rested, rejuvenated and enchanted.

Join Jasmine Moore and Amber Smith for a 90 minute fusion of Yin & Restortive yoga, energy healing and a sound bath.

In this 90 minute session, you will be guided through a gentle deep release of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Amber Smith will cue a Yin and Restorative yoga practice that will help you to open up and release areas of tension in the physical body.

As you hold different positions, Jasmine Moore will come around and offer energy healing to activate energy centres (chakras) and help promote the release of emotional blockages that store in our tissues.

We will end our practice with releasing the mental body through Jasmine's guided meditation while we soak up the vibrations of Amber's Sound bath

You can expect to leave this session feeling lighter in your body and more relaxed in your headspace.

Location: reYoga Studio (209 Hannah Street)

Date & Time: November 2nd 8 am - 9:30 am What to Bring: Yourself in comfortable clothing. Yoga mats and props are provided by the space, please feel free to bring your own.

If you need more information please feel free to email


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