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Invest in your higher self.

It's time that you allow yourself to invest in transformation that sticks.

You've tried all the tools out there that scratch the surface of change, but it never lasts.

You've tried all the tips & tricks, fads and next best thing!, but you are still searching for an answer.


Give yourself permission to dive deep into your own truth and the courage to accept all that arises there.


When you cultivate this sense of self acceptance you gain the ability to create a life that feels good for you. 


Every happy + successful person out there will tell you two things:

1.  Investing in yourself is always worthwhile.

2.  Every person needs a coach, or four.

Its time you make yourself the priority so you can finally fill your cup up.  You have been there for others all your life, supporting their hopes + dreams.

Its your turn to thrive.

Group Coaching

Join the next Awaken to Rise group coaching program.  During this 6 week program you will dive deep into understanding how to self accept + self regulate through conscious conversation, journaling, meditation and take home exercises.

Private Coaching

For the ambituous and courageous souls wanting to step up their game, multidimensionally, and dive deep into their truth:

Private coaching allows you to reach your highest potential by living through your heartspace  and honouring your intuition.  


"Jasmine is a natural healer. She’s intuitive and curious and she gives of herself and her gift so fully. Coaching with Jasmine is all-encompassing. I consider the inner work essential to my ongoing physical, mental and spiritual wellness and I trust Jasmine like no other. She’s a very special human."

Victoria L.

Client since 2017