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I provide brave spaces + offer powerful tools to self healers so they can expand, grow + let go

I'm Jasmine Moore

I help others on their self healing journeys through ceremony + rituals.  And that might leave you thinking, 'cool, but what the heck does that mean?'


After following the path that my society, culture, and family said was best for me, I came to a place in my life where I wasn't all that happy as I looked around at the accomplishments and checked boxes.

Through my own journey of self discovery I realized that there was huge components missing from my life, my relationship to my energetic and emotional bodies.


By reclaiming, understanding and collecting tools for honoring your emotional and energetic self, you can unlock more joy and abundance in your life, just like I did.

Yes, you have these emotional and energetic parts too and a big focus of my mission is to give you permission to feel and to experience that these parts are not bad or wrong even if you may not be able to fully explain or understand.  Your emotions and any "low vibrational energies" you experience are showing you a doorway.


I can help you access a deeper place of purpose + power through energy work, sacred ceremony and group retreats. I am a witness to your journey and a space holder while you are integrating all of you.

Everything you need to heal and be whole is within. Let me show you.

"Jasmine is a natural healer.  She's intuitive and curious and she gives herself and her gift so fully.  I consider energy healing essential to my ongoing physical, mental and spiritual wellness and I trust Jasmine like no other.  She's a very special human."

—  Victoria L.

Federal Government Employee

Healing Defined:
a continuous, lifelong process of unlearning conditions and programs based in fear + returning to love and acceptance for all of yourself. 
You are not broken and I will not fix you.

I went society's normal route and I was miserable.

I set myself up for a successful life but I felt so disconnected from it.

I checked all the boxes, why wasn't I happy?

I had no idea what I was capable of.

I thought science had all the answers until I healed myself

next group healing:

dark spaces
two hour experience


the bliss retreat
four day experience

APRIL 14 -17

AUGUST 25-28





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